Our Courses

* Robot Programming Courses on EV3 from level 1 to 6 age (12 – 18y)

* Robot Programming Courses on WEDO2 for kids (6-11y) from level 1 to 6

* Courses on Robot programming using JAVA and Python.

* Courses on Graph Theory and Huristics and their applications on Artificial Intelligence. 


Our program runs in two series:

One for youth age of 12 to 18

another for kids age 6 to 11

Each series is in six small courses, so that trainee can complete some a gradual, self-motivated way and complete the remaining levels whenever the trainee wishs.

Each module provides trainees with a complete segment of knowledge of the cycle of robot building and programming. At the end of each session, students find themselves more knowledgeable in the design processes used by engineers and concepts, and skills that are needed for understanding the intelligent information-based technology of the future