What they said about us​

What they said about us


“I was pleased to see good preparation and organization that met the set goal”

His Excellency The Director in Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University 

Dr.Abdullah Al-Rubaish

“The Robot Academy, where I saw, facilitates the training of young people to innovate in technology and programming, and this is what we need in our time.”

Ambassador Mustafa Al-mobarak

“I was happy when I saw the children competing in creativity, and I liked very much that they learn through the achievements and experiences they do, without any of them needing a teacher to explain to them.”

His Excellency Sheikh Dr.Qais bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh Mubarak

“In my estimation, this academic project represents a pioneering step and a source of pride for us, God willing, because it helps our students exchange knowledge among themselves, invest their free time, and develop their abilities, which enhances their self-confidence and refines their personalities toward the best.”

Businessman Essam Muhaidib

“I am confident and certain that this academy will be one of the building blocks of scientific and cultural edifices that our country needs in its transformations in the coming days.”

Businessman Khalid Hassan Al-Qahtani

“This edifice of construction carried out by Brother Saud is different from what many did before him. Rather, it is unique and distinct, and it serves our children from the age of six to older, to put them on the right path for what is coming in terms of innovation and technology in modern technical sciences.”

Major General Yaqoob bin Yusuf Alsara 

“Your passion and enthusiasm in this wonderful training center for learning to live is inspiring”

Dr.Anis Farooqi